UC Browser for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 Download Free Latest Version

Now you can also enjoy UC Browser for PC directly without any third party software. UC Browser, as we all know it to be one of the most popular web browsers for mobile phones. They have features that we can't even imagine on other mobile browsers. They are fast, safe, enhance downloading files, and smoother. If you like the UC browsing on your phone, now it is time for to you get it on your PC too.

UC Browser for PC is available only for the Windows PC. And having the UC browser on your PC, they will also provide you all the features which we normally use them on our mobile UC browser. UC Cricket add-on by which you can view the live sports event and score in the browser without even browsing in any site. And also you can read the UCNews on the browser itself without visiting the separate site. Most of these features are recently introduced in the UC browser app and now it is also available on the UC browser for PC.

UC Browser For PC on Windows (10/8.1/7) Laptop & Mac Download Free

In UC Browser for PC, you will also get all the utilities which are especially found on UC browser. You will able to reloads the image, cloud sync for any downloads, bookmarking and much more. So download the latest UC Browser for Windows PC and enjoy the fastest web browser. While for the Mac PC user, you still have to wait for the next updates.

UC Browser For PC

If you are using the Windows PC like Windows 10 and below, then you can easily download and install the UC browser. UC browser for the first time has allowed the user to enjoy all the UC browser on your PC without using the Android emulator. Well, this is very helpful for all the UC browser lover which they can use the fastest and download enhancement features just in Android device.

Features of UC Browser for PC:

Fast and Secure Browsing- You can experience faster browsing with UC browser compared to other web browsers. As UC browser consumes low data to browse any file which will, in fact, help you to browse any site faster than ever. While they are also provided with the advanced security feature to let you prevent any kind of malware or virus attacks.

Ads Free Experience: Whenever you browse too much of site, all you find in other browser is ads and ads everywhere. You are not even allowed to view the site which you wish to enter until and unless you watch the video of the whole ad. But using UC browser, you can have ads free browsing which also let your surf internet without any interruption.

Video Function: Just like that of phone's UC browser, the UC browser for PC will also let you watch the video in the browser itself.

Live Sports Score: There is a toolbar at the bottom of the screen by which you can watch the live status of the sports events like Cricket score, runs, next event and much more.

Download Manager: If you download any file on UC Browser, the downloads can easily be resume or pause which is rare in Chrome or Mozilla.

ScreenShot Tools: This feature is unique and also very important for us. You can easily take a screenshot of the current page which you are viewing. While other site does not allow such tools but using the UC Browser. It will make you much easier to work and surf the internet.

Incognito Window is Available: If you wish you browse any site in private, you can make that too. For example, if you have entered browse your internet banking to make a transaction, then you can simply switch to Incognito to get a save browsing. Using this method, you can also browse your social media on your friends or public computer.

Themes and Wallpapers: There is a huge collection of themes and wallpaper. You can download and install easily on your UC browser. With just one click you can switch to colorful themes and change the wallpaper.

Now Let Us Start the Tutorials for Downloading the UC Browser on Your PC:

Step 1

To download UC browser . Click on the Below Download Button.

Step 2

Next, this will redirect you to the official website of UC browser.

Step 3

Click on Download button to download the Exe. application on your desktop. [UCBrowser is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 1]

Step 4

After you have downloaded the UC Browser Exe. file now go to your desktop and right click on the file.

Step 5

Next, you will find a list of options; click on Run as Administrator or simply double justify click on your mouse to run the installation process.

Step 6

The installation process might take few moment to install. Wait until it is successful. now UC Browser has been successfully installed in your PC.

How to Download and Install Themes and Wallpaper for UC browser PC?

The best thing about UC Browser is that you can make your browser look better with the free theme & wallpaper available for free download and install. There is a huge collection of the theme as well as wallpaper. These all always make your browser fresh and beautiful. And also choosing the unique wallpaper and themes will reflect your style and taste which you have to get the best one for making it unique among your friends. Unlike other web browsers, you don't have to download the themes or Wallpaper separately from other sources, you can directly get it from the browser itself. So let us now also discuss how to download the theme and wallpaper for your UCBrowser on your PC.

Step to Download and Install Themes on UC Browser:

  • To download Themes on UC browser- Click here
  • Now you will find a list of themes with unique designs and style.
  • You can get up to 15 good looking themes for now and more will be available very soon.
  • Next, click on the theme which you like and click on Apply now button to use the theme.

Step to Download and Install Wallpaper on UC Browser:

  • To download wallpaper on UC Browser- click here
  • There are categories for selecting or choosing your favorite wallpaper on your Browser.
  • If you want, you can also get the live wallpaper for your UC browser.
  • Once you find a good wallpaper, now simply click on the wallpaper to download and install it.
  • Finally, this will automatically install the free wallpaper and change to the new one.
  • You can also click on the theme icon which is located on the top right corner of the browser.

FAQ’s for UC Browser for PC:

Q: What Are the System Requirements for UC Browser for PC?

Q: How Much Space Required in the Disk?

Q: What About the Memory Space?

Q: What Processor is Sufficient for UC Browser for PC?

Q: What Else is Required for Downloading and Installing UC Browser for PC?

Q: Is it Compatible with all PCs?


So these are the complete details for downloading UC Browser for PC. UC browser is only compatible Windows PC. The best part about the UC browser is that you can use them without Android emulator as they are no more Android apps besides, you can download the browser separately for your PC. But once you have installed. You can also use all the features which you normally used it on your Android smartphone. So download the app now and start the best web browser now.